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Let the water carry you, don't fight it

During Your Session

We provide white petroleum jelly so that you can protect any small cuts and dry or sensitive areas. 

If you need a bathroom break, simply exit the pool, slip on the comfy robe, flip flops, and visit the restroom. 

It's easy to forget but there is a lot of salt in the water. If you accidentally get some in your eyes, just reach over and use the freshwater to rinse. 

If you can't get comfortable, some floaters prefer using a head support pillow. No problem, we got you covered.

We are floaters too, so we are constantly testing the waters and improving the experience. We try to think of everything so that you don't have to.


Other items included in the float suite not mentioned above include: ​​

  • shampoo

  • body wash

  • conditioner

  • q tips

  • silicon earplugs

  • lotion

  • plenty of towels

  • changing bench

  • trash can

  • blow dryer

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