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What are the store hours?

Hours by appointment only:
@ 6 pm
9 am | 12 pm | 3 pm | 6 pm

How much does a float cost?

Float Session:
30 minute ($69)
60 minute ($85)
90 minute ($99)

30 Minute - 3 Pack ($172)
60 Minute - 3 Pack ($210)
90 Minute - 3 Pack ($242)

Monthly 60 ($59)
One 60 minute float per month, cancel anytime, and much on Online Store > Memberships located on the menu bar above.

Monthly 90 ($79)
One 90 minute float per month, cancel anytime, and much on Online Store > Memberships located on the menu bar above.

What kind of float tanks, cabins or pools do you have?

Our float rooms are a custom open concept, meaning no latch or lid or door is shut behind you when entering the water. It is simply like a giant bathtub in your very own luxurious bathroom! We specifically designed the room to be spacious so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of floating.

Is the water hot or cold? What is the temperature of the water or air?

The temperature of both the water and air is between 94-96 degrees Fahrenheit, which closely matches the external temperature of your skin. This is done so that there is no difference between the air, water, and your body. This, coupled with the anti-gravity effects of highly concentrated salt water, is how we subdue the sense of touch.

How are you making sure floaters are safe from COVID?

To provide the very best float environment at our facility, the sanitation process has always been the top priority, even before the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. So, to make extra sure we are doing our part, here is our sanitation protocol:
- 3-hour appointment blocks ensure we have a minimum of 1 hour between each floater, with as much as 2 hours depending on the session length prior.
- No walk-in appointments to reduce crowding; floaters may only visit by scheduling a session online or by phone.
- Hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant spray is used to wipe down all walls, corners, objects, furniture, etc., in the room.
- All items such as lotion, towels, earplugs are replaced for each floater.
- Room air is circulated and sanitized for 1-2 hours between each floater using HEPA grade Dyson filters, removing 99.97% of airborne allergens/pollutants.
- Pool water sanitation runs for 1-2 hours in between each floater. For more on our water sanitation, take a look below.
- Wipe all facility surfaces nightly.
- Constantly run HVAC system with HEPA filter and integrated UV light to remove airborne allergens/pollutants from the entire facility.

Are there couples packages or do you allow couples floats?

We've had many couples, friends, and pairs float with us by booking two sessions simultaneously. It's fun to share experiences in the Salt Lounge post-float. We do not allow more than one person in a single float pool at a time.

Is the water changed between each use?

Our water is sanitized by the best available technology on the market in between each floater. So, in fact, the water you float in maybe the cleanest water you'll ever encounter. Here are the highlights:
- 1,300 pounds of USP grade Epsom salt creates an environment where most bacteria can't survive
- 1 Micron Cartridge Filter removes bacteria down to the microscopic level.
- UV/OZONE NSF 50 Certified Sanitation system eradicates 99.9% of influent bacteria – the only UV/Ozone combo system to receive this rating from NSF. What it takes chlorine hours to kill, this system does in milliseconds.
- Minimal amount of chlorine as an extra precaution.
- All 260 gallons of water flows through this process a minimum of 4 cycles!

Can you float while pregnant and or nursing?

Short answer is YES! There are many stories and examples from float centers all around the world where pregnant woman have enjoyed the benefits of floating. One of which is being able to remove the extra weight of pregnancy and alleviating the pressure on your spine, feet and neck. It is also the only place where you can lie face down while pregnant! All of this provides an opportunity to truly relax for the first time in months and often leads to a better night of sleep! Please consult your doctor to be extra sure!

Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for float therapy?

Double-check with your HSA/FSA provider. In most cases, you can use your HSA/FSA debit card to pay for your float therapy appointment. You can also pay using a personal debit or credit card and then reimburse yourself from the HSA/FSA account. Some providers may require a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) completed by your primary care physician. Your physician can recommend float therapy to help with stress, muscle tension, and sleep issues.

What if I fall asleep?

Falling asleep during your float, especially a 90 minute float, is completely normal. You are in such a deep relaxed state, sometimes it's hard to tell if you fell asleep or not. Either way, the water will not let you down, it is there to fully support your body. It is guaranteed to make you float. The worst case scenario is you get a little salt in your eye. Actually, falling asleep during your float feels amazing!

Can my kids try it? How can I make sure they're okay?

Yes! Floating is for everyone! The sooner we learn to take time out for our mental health, manage stress, and help physical recovery, we can live life to the fullest. We just require a parent/guardian signature for anyone under the age of 16. Parents are also welcome to stay connected through the intercom system while hanging in the salt lounge :) Of course, parents can also accompany their child in the room. However, we don't allow more than one person to float at a time.

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