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the most relaxing place in the world

1,400 lbs of Epsom salt

soundproof space

lightproof sanctuary

- no distractions -


water temperature control

air temperature control


Our Float Room
Sense Zero Float Center

Our Float Room

father and son posing for a picture

"Six years ago, I needed to press the pause button on life.  I was overwhelmed and overworked.  I searched for a direction to go.  I discovered a simple yet powerful tool.  By removing all the distractions, I was able to get back to myself.  Anytime I felt like I was losing control, I would float and get back on track.  During the COVID 19 pandemic, I knew I had to bring this tool to more people.  With the support of my family and friends, I proudly bring you Sense Zero Float Center." - Denis :)

what our floaters have to say

I needed a much needed treat myself day, if you ever need one coming here is a MUST! The center was immaculate, welcoming and a true joy for being a first time floater. I have floated in the Dead Sea I never thought I would be able to enjoy the benefits right here in Pennsylvania!

My daughter and I floated yesterday at Sense Zero. Both of us have floated before but this was by far, the BEST experience. Dennis provided such a helpful orientation before the float and was so friendly and courteous! The center is extremely clean and well-designed. They have honestly thought of everything to make the experience nothing less than stellar. I look forward to returning and would encourage anyone who has f